There are a lot of kinds of heating appliance products. How do you pick the ideal in shape for your price range and life style? Mainline has a complete personnel right here to help you make that determination. But just before you get in touch with or appear in, below are the Execs and Cons for every single. We’re confident this will give you some factors to think about as properly as some added questions. When you’ Regency Gas Fireplace deliver them in. We are listed here to support.

Outdoor Wooden Burning


You can completely eradicate your heating invoice

It’s thermostatically controlled for wonderful even warmth through your residence or constructing

A lot more time melt away occasions which implies much less tending

Burn any type of firewood, which is saved exterior

Significantly less dealing with of the wood

No bugs, mess, smoke or hearth in your home

Safer than indoor burning

Tremendous assortment of output – heat numerous buildings


A lot more “up front” price than conventional wooden stoves

Indoor Wood Burning


Cordwood is readily offered and reasonably priced

Provides to indoor ambiance

Straightforward to use with extremely lower servicing

Numerous models can now melt away cordwood options

Lower value


Demanding and possibly pricey to install with out present chimney

Far more steady stoking compared to pellet stoves

Labor of splitting and stacking wooden



Relieve of handling and storing gas, significantly less labor required to take care of vs. wooden

Adds to indoor ambiance

No chimney necessary for set up

A lot more exact temperature regulation

Lengthier melt away time with significantly less residue

Gas is produced from wooden by-merchandise


Availability and cost variability of pellets

Challenging to retailer outside the house, need to be retained dry

More cleaning and routine maintenance than classic wood stove



Warmth with the touch of a button

Shuts down swiftly

Vast variety of looks to create just the proper ambiance

No need to haul fuel to the stove

Significantly less storage room for fuel

Specific temperature regulation


Usually the most expensive of the methods shown below

Uses fossil fuel so larger carbon footprint

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