Writing a new tale

Who has in no way read the phrase: "was blessed in daily life." Nicely, there are these who imagine in luck and other people in future, but I can say that it was the dedication, the wonderful inspiration for the new story that was to be prepared by our interviewee, Itamar Serpa Fernandes .

At the stop of the nineteen fifties, Brazil lived a moment of aspiration and hope with the then President of the Republic, Juscelino Kubitschek, with the promise of fifty many years of evolution in just five. And taking benefit of the chance of the place, the Fernandes Family members, humble and numerous , Leaves the interior of Espirito Santo, to attempt better dwelling situations in the then money, Rio de Janeiro.

New town, new air and renewed hope for the Fernandes, but not every little thing was straightforward. The youthful Itamar had to operate to aid with the routine maintenance of the residence, but he never ever deserted his mother's best suggestions: To be a person in daily life one particular should research. And with that, Itamar commenced to divide the time amongst research and work.

At the age of eighteen, following the loss of life of her father, Dona Isolina's eldest son had to find out the responsibility of currently being the male of the residence. His commitment only increased, and the need produced him concentrate even a lot more on his scientific studies and operate so that his brothers did not absence anything at all. As a result begins the new story of the younger Itamar, the operate in the manufacturing unit Bayer and shortly soon after the approval in the vestibular.